Our History

We are Martin and Beate and have now brought our dream of healthy gastronomy to life.

For us, however, GREEN PLANET means more than just the name of a food court. Then “GREEN PLANET” should clarify the environmental concept and show that takeaway food can also be healthy and environmentally friendly.

The image of the vulnerable earth as “the blue marble” has been the symbol of environmental protection since the 1980s and has been depicted millions of times on cloth bags, shirts and buttons as a sign of commitment to environmental protection. The astronaut Harrison Schmitt, when he first saw the fully illuminated earth from space on Apollo 17 in 1972, was the first to describe the earth, which appears large to the people who live on it, as tiny little blue marbles in the vastness of space. In a radio message to earth, he described the vulnerability that was recognizable from a distance due to filigree processes and asked people to handle it carefully. The continents seem deserted, national borders do not exist. It is one of the few recordings made by astronauts that shows a fully lit globe. A little step from blue marble to blue planet and GREEN PLANET to show the focus on health and saving our environment.


We want to offer health. Being healthy for our customers, for our employees, for the environment, for our planet.


  • small stocks and short procurement intervals
  • everything prepared before your eyes
  • See how to peel and cut fruit for the juices


  • We avoid industrial sugar wherever possible
  • Reduction of flavor enhancers (glutamate)
  • No preservatives
  • The limited shelf life is extended by largely avoiding storage and cooling of the freshly squeezed juices for consumption to take away


  • Everyone can find something in one of the dining areas
  • There are no arguments because tastes are different, but everyone comes together with the food they like
  • Our employees are treated as friends, paid fairly and receive social benefits and occupational safety
The meals are

  • Gluten free
  • Vegan (except for the animal proteins fish and meat), and therefore also lactose-free

Of course, nuts and other ingredients are labeled.

It is important to us that everyone feels comfortable – whether young or old.​ We try as best we can to bring the casual Hawaiian lifestyle to Gran Canaria.
Best for our guests and employees.

We use a reusable system to produce less waste. Simply leave a deposit and use it again and again. Together we can make a difference!
More about it [here]


At GREEN PLANET THE FOODCOURT you can buy a wide variety of food from small take-away counters. Regardless of whether you are traveling alone or in a larger group, you will find your dream meal!
Get your desired dish without long coordination, meet afterwards for the meal in the food court or take your meal home with you in a relaxed manner.

​In all of our dishes, we value fresh ingredients and avoid “unhealthy” ingredients such as industrial sugar and flavor enhancers.